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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the consultants available 24 hours?

The visiting hours for Out patients (OP) are from ( 9 Am to 4 Pm), the consultants will be available during the OP hours of the hospital as stated above. In case of emergency, emergency doctors will be available 24/7 in the ER and In-Case of an MHC patient the patient is required to come early in fasting at 7 Am.

What are the facilities available at the hospital?

We provide all facilities such as

24/7 Services
• Emergency And trauma       • NICU
• Pharmacy                                • Cath Lab
• Ambulance                              • X-Ray, CT & MRI
• Blood Bank                             • Laboratory
• ICU                                           • ModularOT
• Dialysis

Other facilities

• Endoscopy                              • Cosmetic Procedures
• Echo & TMT                           • Doppler & Ultra Sound Scan
• ECG& EMG                            • Uroflowmetry
• Audiometry                            • Pulmonary function Testing
• Master Health Checkup

What is the mode of admission available?

Planned Admission (Mostly OP)
• When the doctor advises on admission, he will provide a referral letter for admission when the patient is ready the admission will proceed.
Day Care Admissions
• In the case of Day care procedures, the admission is not needed overnight, in such cases day care admissions will proceed.
Emergency Admission (OP/Emergency)
• When a patient is in emergency and there needs an immediate treatment then the patient is taken for in for admission

Do we need to pay any advance amount during the time of admission?

The patient who is advised for admission is requested to make an advancement amount which can be claimed in the final bill amount.

What is the mode of payment available?

There are two billing areas, for out-patients ( in case of laboratory tests or radiology tests ) and for In-Patients(Admissioned patients) in both the billing areas there are two available modes of payment such as Cash/ Card.

Is my medical insurance accepted at Kumaran medical center?

Medical Insurance is accepted with our tie-up TPA and Insurance Companies. The Medical Insurance tie-ups are mentioned in the below URL

Cashless Insurance

What are the patient visiting hours?

The patient visiting hours is from 9 Am to 4 Pm from Monday to Friday. On Sunday there are emergency duty doctors will available. Visitor’s timing is from 11 am to 1 pm in the morning and 4 pm to 7 pm in the evening

Can I bring food from my home?

Outside food is not permitted within the hospital block, the food can be directly taken to the canteen in case the outside food is brought in.

Can I consult a consultant without an appointment?

Yes, there are walk-ins available, and the patient can directly take appointment after coming to our hospital.

How are bed charges calculated?

Bed chargers are calculated on a 24-hour basis, the charges vary with each room type.

What are the check-in and check-out timings?

The check-in times for visitors are from 11 am to 1 pm in the morning and From 4 pm to 7 pm in the evening. Only during these visiting hours, the visitors are allowed to visit the patient.

Are children allowed in to visit the patients in the hospital?

Yes, children are allowed to visit the patients in the hospital during visiting hours of the hospital.

Do you have telephone facilities for patients in the hospital?

Every room has a telephone facility and nurse’s calling facilities in our patient rooms in case of emergency needs.

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