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Daya’s Kumaran Medical Journey!

Daya’s Kumaran Medical Journey!

Straight from the Heart – An Appreciation for Good Service!

This is Daya. Hope you remember me (Gym Mate). My son was admitted to Kumaran Medical Center last week due to a viral infection for 3 days. Hari sir came and visited since my husband knows him. Both belong to Sathy. Wanted to specially thank the paediatrician for staying back in the evening to attend my kid’s case.

The hospital rooms were very clean and the nurses were also extremely responsive. Especially the night shift nurses, who were very active and kind enough to help in every way they could. All the new initiatives taken by the hospital were soothing and helped me keep a calm demeanour. The background music and the decorations were welcoming and comforting for new born babies. The food was also cheap and delicious, but was a bit on the spicier side for my taste, which I have mentioned in the feedback form.

The hospital’s infrastructure was so grand that we assumed the prices would be high, but we were surprised to learn that the charges were highly affordable. Both the paediatricians (Dr. Valliappan and Dr. Kowsalya) were patient in explaining the medical aspects of certain things.

We are happy with the hospital and the care my son received from the doctors, staff, and nurses. Now my son has made a complete recovery and is doing good. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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